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a Social Wealth Management & Investing Platform

With Zulutrade you can trade forex, commodities, indices, stock and crypto. Trade manually or through copy trading. Also, you can create a demo or live account 




Sole Digital Product Designer

Services Provided

UX Design, UI Design, UX Research

PROJECTS / Timeline

Project 1


At this very first moment I joined the company as a Junior UI & UX Designer, in order to help in refining the web and mobile app and also find solutions to the problems during the Onboarding Process.

What I did

After the first month, I was the only designer of the project so I was involved in everything from helping the PMs with planning all the way to delivering final designs ready for development. In total there were over 40 screens in the final versions I delivered.

UX Research

During the qualitative research and a small amount of interviews, we came to the conclusion that the main pain points of our onboarding process were :

Time Consuming (Many Screens)
Difficult risk questions / no skip option

Refine Mobile Onboarding

Draft wireframes at the exploration phase, in order to test potential drop outs of clients

Notes & ideas(assumptions) after User Testing

As we already know, we needed to make this clearer and easier for the users

Maybe Change the flow, and left this for later

Maybe it could be skipped for Demo Users until they want to create real trading accounts

This must be included due to regulations

Mobile Onboarding Wireframes.png

Project 2

Side Projects & New Features
The challenges

The website is based on old tech so we couldn’t make big moves in our main pages. I updated the animations and illustrations of some marketing pages, and I designed new features and pages trying to avoid problems for the devs. That meant that I work closely with the dev’s team. Most of the work of this project had to do with solving issues of the web and mobile app. Small iterations that were important for the users.

What I did
  • Design Regression for Web and Mobile App.

  • Designing new screens and reviewing older 

  • Adding new features

  • UX Research / Competitor Research

  • Design Final Screens and Prototyping

  • Design Review after Developement

Group 483469.png

Project 3

Web & Mobile App Redesign

During my 4th mon th in Zultrade, the company was acquitred by Finvasia Group of Companies. The new CEO decided on a Redesign of the whole mobile app and web platform.

My Role

For this project I was responsible for UX Research and Designing the new iOS & Android, as well as a web app. I was the only designer of the project and later on a Senior Designer joined the company. I was involved in everything from helping the PMs with planning all the way to delivering final designs ready for development.

Group 483470.png

I took part in

User Flows, Customer Journeys, Qualitive UX Research, User Personas, Mobile and Web low-res wireframes, UI and UX Case Study, Feasibilty Checks


Trading Account


Zulutrade Home


Mobile Onboarding

Problem Statement

We already knew, from the previous projects the problem with the onboarding process, the technical limitation due to to the previous frameworks and the pain points on the whole UX of the existing app. 

In high level, we wanted a social wealth management platform, modern and user friendly for user to use it everyday, discuss with other traders and investors and learn about new assets.  

The Research

After reading many essays and case studies I started interviewing people that were between 22 and 30 years old. I didn’t have the right information neither the tools to conduct a perfect research but at this first stage I was trying to understand what people think of these apps / platforms. What they use and why they use it. What they do when they sign in. What they would want to see in an application like this and what frustrates them.

Key Findings

Most of the people were familiar with Zulutrade. They knew the brand but they haven’t used it.

The most common answer was that they prefer to use and app like REVOLUT because it feels more safe and "I can transfer my money and use them easily".
An insteresting fact was that some of them said that they would love to see an app that can inform them driectly about what to trade and when. ( news / advice / consult )
Share investments or investment plans with friends / share the money invested in


User Personals.png

User Personas, User flows, Roadmap

After gathering and sorting all the findings of the research we crafted 2 User Personas and started with the Onboarding flow diagrams which were the main pain point of our previous app based on interviews, research and survey reviews of our users. 
In addition, we make the planning / roadmap for the project together with the Product Manager, while conducting some feasibitly checks with the Developement Team about our first thoughts of the process and the limitations we may had. 

Low Wireframes

Final Designs

Group 483474.png

Challenging Screens | Leader's Profile

This screen was one of those that were really challenging and we had to test various options in order to see how it works. Balancing Simplicity and Complexity was a crucial point. 

Group 483094.png

Web App. Redesign

Dashboard or Explore page was a real challenge. We had to figure out the way we had to present our Default home page, while having a profile page. It wasn't very clear if we really need an explore page.

UI Exploration

Final Dashboard

Group 484320.png

We decided to go with a unified version of the Dashboard, more personalized for every user incorporating inside the profile page and a social feed widget for the latest news.
This gave us the chance to create the right balance for the business between the social and wealth management aspect.  

UX Metrics

Since there was no testing budget it was kept low key. I recruited some people who’d fit the target audience through social media and my connections. 

User Testing

The outcomes derived from the user testing of the onboarding process were notably satisfactory and offered insightful observations. Nevertheless, the persisting challenge pertaining to the requirement of an external platform to complete the onboarding remains a significant business concern that has proven resistant to resolution through conventional UX or UI approaches.

A/B Testing

Onboarding Process was one of our main pain points and an important concern during the UI & UX Process. The deliverable surpassed expectations minimizing by 40% the dropouts of new customers.

Task Success

This KPI shows the percentage of customers who have successfully completed a specific task. At this point we were focused on the account verification. 
While we tested this in a small number of users ( low budget ) it was obvious that we had an increase in the successful attempts in general but we noted that we had to revise and review the amount of the document we needed to verify our users.

Thoughts on the project

Working at Zulutrade presented me with a formidable challenge from the very beginning. Starting as a Junior Product Designer and swiftly transitioning to become the sole Product Designer within a month instilled a mix of fear and knowledge within me. Through this journey, I made numerous mistakes that have ultimately shaped me into the professional I am today. Despite facing constraints such as inadequate tools and a limited team, I managed to find innovative solutions, dedicated myself to extensive studying, and ultimately delivered a commendable product.

In summary, my experience at Zulutrade has taught me valuable lessons in perseverance, self-motivation, and resourcefulness.

Despite encountering obstacles, I have grown both personally and professionally.

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