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a VoIP Company in Greece

Cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes communication in Greece, offering high-quality voice calls, seamless video conferencing, and cost-effective solutions. Join us in reshaping connectivity, enhancing businesses, and fostering relationships through innovative VoIP advancements.




Senior Digital Product Designer / UI & UX

Services Provided

UX Design, UI Design, UX Research

Project Overview

First Steps

At first we needed to understand the brand vision, overall goals and challenges.
On the next step we needed to understand potential problems or happy paths our existing customers were experiencing and also categorise the content in a way that would help us generate traffic and inform new users about the company.


We were focused on creating a seamless user experience by reducing the number of steps required to perform common tasks, such as making a call with an expert, receive a customized offer, or make a purchase.
The website had already some good points that we wanted to make them more friendly, and closer to the brand values.

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The Process

After difining the project goals and target audience I interiviewed the stakeholders / owners of the project. 

With the the help of the marketing department we gathered all the important data and infomations and we also discussed about direct and indirect competitors.

I conducted a competitor analysis and review of their websites. 

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Small businesses, startups, and freelancers can benefit from the flexibility and scalability of a VoIP service, which allows them to have a professional phone system without the need for expensive hardware or maintenance costs.

Target Audience

Large corporations may also benefit from VoIP services, which can provide a more cost-effective solution for their communication needs. Additionally, features like video conferencing, call recording, and analytics can help improve team collaboration and productivity.

User Journey map

At this stage the user journey map helped us visualize  the steps that a user takes in a process to accomplish a goal

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User Persona

At this stage I created the user persona with the infomation and findings that we 've gathered

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UX metrics 

Conversion Rate

The percentage of website visitors who complete a desired action, such as making a purchase.

Increase conversion rate by 15% 

Bounce Rate

The percentage of visitors who leave the website after viewing only one page.

Decrease bounce rate by 15%

Thoughts & Proposals

During this phase of the project, I 've proposed and present various ideas about the whole product strategy that derived from the research I've done. 
We managed to make a more firendly and modern website but for the future, we had discussed about interesting UX Metrics that would give us the opportunity to make more Data driven decisions about some specific flows, like the Pricing Plans and the Contact Forms.

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