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Piraeus Bank

Mobile & Web application design  and the incorporation of new features as a part of the whole digital transformation of the bank.

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One of the largest bank institutions in Greece. 


UI & UX Designer

UX Team Member

Being a member of both the UX Team at Piraeus Bank and the Rapid Response Team, I have been actively engaged in multifaceted aspects of user experience (UX) across various projects, each characterized by its unique complexities and diverse user applications.

Design System


UX Team

The team was involved in different aspects of the User Experience, due to the complexity of the project and the various apps for different users.

We were in a close collaboration with the UX Specialist and our UX Manager, conducting UX Research, Analysis, taking part in meetings with BAs in order to understand the business goals.
Our work was based in BRDs
( Business Requirement Documents ), time estimations and UX Design and Research. We were working in teams and individually depending on the needs of every project.

Rapid Response Team member

The team usually was taking small projects in high priority. We were using the Scrum methodology in order to be flexible in many high priority tasks for web and mobile.

Working in Sprints with Agile Methodologies

Depending on the projects, we as the Digital Product Designers we were assigned in different projects were we had to estimate and manage our project in terms of deliverables, stakeholders and time. 

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Selected Sprints

Block Winbank Access

For this new feature we were in need of a new component for the redesigned app.
I had to conduct research in the new app., discuss with BAs and PMs and also check the component with the Dev Team for feasibility.


 3 sprints

UX Team Member

UX Research


As this was my first assigned project, my  time estimations wasn't correct. Although I was part of the discussions with stakeholders, and I knew about the feasibilty issues we have to manage in the technical aspect I wasn't very familiar with the way the team was working.

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Remittance Packages

The final flow


During the first weeks

After joining the Design Team, I quickly identified several management issues within our team of 15 designers working on various web and mobile app projects. One significant challenge was the absence of comprehensive information and documentation related to the design system, especially in light of a recent app redesign. Consequently, our team needed to adapt to these changes and find effective ways to work with the new design guidelines.

Recognizing this opportunity for improvement, I took the initiative to initiate a documentation project aimed at aiding both myself and the entire design team in assimilating the new design guidelines. I engaged in discussions with key stakeholders and UX team managers, leading to the creation of a collaborative side project. This project involves ongoing updates to our design kit, ensuring that we incorporate new elements and guidelines on a weekly basis.

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