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Ixthion Agora

Ixthion Agora is the ultimate destination for the finest selection of fresh and cooked fish.

They take pride in sourcing the highest quality seafood, ensuring that every customer experiences the taste of oceanic delights.

Project Description

I try to capture the essence of the brand and showcase the allure of the seafood offerings. I create eye-catching visuals that engage customers and convey the freshness and quality of the products. From designing enticing advertisements and product packaging to crafting visually stunning menus, my aim is to bring the taste of oceanic delights to life through captivating visuals that leave a lasting impression.

Target Audience

  • Thessaloniki's westside seafood enthusiasts who crave the finest cooked and fresh fish. 

  • Ages: 25-85


The design process begins by discussing the project brief with the Account Manager to understand the goals and content requirements. Researching and seeking inspiration from various platforms, such as design websites, social media, and industry trends. ( dribble, pinterest, instagram)

Once inspired, I start brainstorming and sketching draft concepts. The chosen concept is refined into a digital design, carefully considering colors, typography, and layout. Iterative feedback loops with the Account Manager and clients ensure the design aligns with their vision. Upon approval, the design is finalized, prepared for different mediums, and delivered to the appropriate channels.

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