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Gianni Venturi

Gianni Venturi is a luxury eyewear brand founded in 1979, emphasizing high quality and affordability. Their collections cater to diverse customer needs, prioritizing eye protection. Manufactured in northern Italy, their glasses combine cutting-edge technology with exceptional materials. Equipped with the latest optical devices, their stores offer expert advice and personalized service, aiming for total customer satisfaction. Founded by Dimitrios Katsantonis, the brand is committed to professionalism, reliability, and staying abreast of optical advancements.

In collaboration Lobsters, I undertook the role of Lead Digital Designer / Packaging Designer


Graphic Designer

Design Consultant

Packaging Designer


As the Graphic Designer who collaborated with Lobsters Agency, my role was to create captivating package designs for Gianni Venturi's luxury eyewear products. The designs were intended to reflect an elegant, modern, and artistic aesthetic. Through close collaboration with the stakeholder, we ensured that the packaging aligned with the brand's image and appealed to the target audience. We started by creating a moodboard with images close to what we want, in colours and aesthetics. After that I crafted the designs, with various option and we decided to go on with 3 of them. 

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