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A healthy food product eshop.

Combining top quality raw materials they create daily culinary delights.





Sole Digital Designer

Services Provided

Packaging, UX Design, UI Design, UX Research

Research Plan
Research Goals

Research enables a deep dive into how the user feel and communicate with the brand. It gives as insights about the frustration a user may have, hopes, fears, limitations and goals.  At this point this will help us find solutions in the problems of the next stages, together with the stakeholders of Exereton.

Target Audience / Existing Customers

Understand the experience users have now, when shopping by phone. 
Brand Guidelines, Brand Strategy
Create ideas, questions and insights


As it was the first time they created a website, I had to make some assumptions about the potential problems they would have and their business goals.

I started my research by talking to the marketing manager and the customer support agents in order to understand how clients think and feel.
Does the company want to promote any particular products? (featured products)
Do customers know the proposed categories of the products?
Do customers ask for particular characteristics of a product when ordering via phone call?

Research Methods

Stakeholder Interviews

Existing Customer Interviews

Customer Support Interviews

Competitive Analysis

Group 483489.png
The overview & the problem

At first I tried to gather all the information I needed for the project. I had a few meetings with the founder of Exereton, and with the Marketing manager and also I collaborated with the content creator of the Agency, in order to come up with a plan of the information we wanted to incorporate in the website.

One of the main problems we had to solve was the strict colour palette of the brand, that had to do with their luxurious style and printing material.
The large amount of categories of their products
The target audience ( people that weren’t familiar with eshops and e-commerce in general)

Understand the market & the audience

I conducted a research based on the competitors the company gave me. I gathered some pain points and some interesting UX patterns they all had in common.

I managed to add 2-3 more competitors to my research.

  1. How did you discover our ecommerce site? Was it through search engines, social media, referrals, or other means?

  2. What motivated you to visit our site? Were you specifically looking for bio and healthy products, or were you exploring different options?

  3. Can you describe your overall experience with the website? Did you find it easy to navigate and understand? Were there any aspects that confused you or made it difficult to use?

  4. When searching for products, how important is it for you to have filters and sorting options to narrow down your choices? What specific filters or sorting options would you find most helpful?

The challenges

I proposed 3 more colours close to the only Primary colour they had. We were in need of additional colours in order to use them for secondary information and for aesthetics.

Group 483484.png
Text - Icons Labels

We introduce to our clients a series of text-icon labels for all the products to help them identify the different characteristics. 

We conducted A/B testing with icon-based labels but it was clear that the complexity of the labeling couldn't be clear for the user without text.

Group 483490.png

Eshop Final Design | Categories

The most important aspect of this website was the shop. The rest of the pages were something easy to navigate, minimal based on the brand guidelines we established for the web / digital. 

After many variations and a lot of discussions with stakeholders I proposed and designed the categories to stay open in order to give the user the opportunity to be able to choose the caregory he wants.

Final Results

1. The checkout process has been optimized for simplicity and speed, leading to a considerable reduction in cart abandonment. (8%)

2. Customer Engagement Increased by 75% in the same year. 

3. Company growth over 50% 

Final Thoughts

Being part of an Agency make you work quickly in a variety of projects. The research plan, and the planning of the whole design process with tme estimation helped accomplish my goals and meet deadlines. 
Working in a fast pace environment, sometimes it is all about balance between time-money-quality-quantity.

Content Creation & Print Designs

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