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A startup to protect your copyright ownership and monitor who is using your work online.





Sole Digital Designer

Services Provided

Brand Identity, UX Design, UI Design, UX Research


Being member of a start up on its first steps was quite interesting and  challenging. I had to work on projects I wasn't familiar with, I had to look at the metrics and statistics of the Marketing Team and get involved with the members of the Product Team to find solutions to the problems we encountered. 


In one year, in which I worked in conjunction with the Marketing Team, and being Leader in the Design Team, we increased our users from 5k to 30k. I came across various Marketing Terms and insights, that helped me make decisions about the UX of the Website and the Web App. 


I got fimiliar with the Tone of Voice and the Insights that begin as data and are filtered through layers of analysis in order to be a directional agent of change, a guide for the visual communication. 

UI & UX Design

Being part of a startup's early stages presents unique challenges. Lack of resources, tools, and mediums can hinder our design process. The limitations of a WordPress site pose challenges in creating optimal user experiences. 

UX Research

As we didn't have a lot of information regarding this topic and industry we had to search in various web apps with similar goals and target audience. We tried to find ux patterns in other web apps that our potential users have in their everyday life. 

I conducted some 1 on 1 interviews with some of our early users and people that were really interesting of the web app. 

Artists, musicians or people that held the copyrights of any kind of art or music.

Key Findings

Many digital platforms, including social media networks, streaming services, and e-commerce platforms, are actively collaborating with copyright protection companies to combat piracy and ensure compliance with copyright laws

Provide comprehensive and accessible documentation, tutorials, or help sections that guide users in understanding copyright laws, using the platform's features effectively
(3/5 interviewers needed eduactional tutorials about laws of copyright infringement)

Presenting copyright protection results in a visually appealing and informative manner can help users comprehend the impact of their actions
(map with copyright infringements?)

UX patterns from apps / web platfroms like Google Drive, WeTrasfer.

As we didn't have as a company true competitors, we had to find similar Web platforms with similar features. 

Analyzing the findings

Based on the User and Market Research, the competitive analysis and the information gathered after interviewing potential & existing users (artists, musicians, bloggers) I came up with potential solutions:

  • Clear and Intuitive Navigation

  • Visually appealing overview section that presents key metrics and statistics related to the monitored digital assets

  • Notification system that alerts users about important events, such as copyright infringements or changes in asset status

  • Actions on assets, such as adding new assets, editing metadata, or managing copyright status

Limitations in terms of Design
& Product Features

As the startup was at its first steps we had to create more of an mvp product with the most basic features that we wanted to offer to our users. We tried to include the most basic features in order to get live as soon as possible and we tried to incorporate as many as possible in a later stage for the fundraising cycle. ​

Logo Design & Brand Identity
Content Creation / Creative Ad Campaigns
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