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Coach me

Coach me is an app for trainers, gyms and trainees to book a session, manage their bookings and organise their groups.

Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 3.10.33 PM.png

The UI & UX Design was completed but there were important problems in both of them. I tried get involved at first by asking questions and gathering imporant information and data about the app. 


UI & UX Designer

Design Consultant

Produc Strategy


At first I tried to define the problems and the goals. Before any design work, it was essential to understand the client's problem and goals.
- This involved gathering information about the client's business, target audience, and the purpose of the design project.
- Heuristic evaluation of the existing app. designs and flows

Research & Analysis

On this project the steps of my research was a little different. I had to study all the gatherings and findings they already had from their user testers and also I had to conduct some interviews with the stakeholders.

Some of the findings were misleading or I needed more information about specific pain points and problems. I used the card sorting method in order to categorise the pain points and the problems we had to solve.

Consulting & Collaboration

I had a close collaboration with the 2 Co-founders and devs. Also I was working with their current designer. Their current designer didn’t have a lot of experience so I tried to establish a small system out of the card sorting with notes of the different categories of the pain points.
I tried to explain the terms at first and I used General notes in order to explain how we will handle some specific cases all over the app.

Group 272.png
Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 3.26.37 PM.png
Group 483477.png

UI Design Review | Phase I

The main problem was that the Information Architecture was misleading and the cards were too big for a mobile app. I exclude some of the details that were in the cards and I tried to create smaller sized cards. This would make it  easier for the user to have a quick look of the options and the different categories.

In the beta version they developed, they had a problem with the very small sizes in texts.I tried to categorise the different needs for text and to incorporate an hierarchy all over the app.

Selected Sprints

Weekly Limit


 1 sprints

New feature that allows gym-goers and athletes to set a weekly task limit for themselves, fostering a healthy balance.

We explored some different options and different entry points in order to create this feature that would create engagement for the user.

UI Design

UX Research

Screenshot 2023-07-08 at 10.31.44 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-07-08 at 10.32.02 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-07-08 at 10.31.31 AM.png
Next Steps

after the first reviews, and emerging new features

After some discussions with the stakeholders my proposal was that we had to make some steps back.

I tried to organize the information that I got, after the first user testing with the real users and after the first months of some "free demo users" of the app. 

When I got envolved in this project some steps were missing from the UI and UX perspective so I tried to implement and combine all the gathered insights I already have in order to make the right UI & UX decisions driven by Data and real user information and frustrations.

I introduced the "Success Screens"

Success Screen.png

Selected Sprints

Documentation and UX Evaluation

We found important Inconsistecies & pain points after the first User Testings with real users.

Also during the Heuristic Evaluation I tried to gather important insight about various UI & UX issues in order to address if the drop out were due to some internal UI & UX confusing pain points.


4 sprints


UX Research

We started by making a backlog list of all of our paint points and new features th

We found important Inconsistecies & pain points after the first User Testings with real users. Also during the Heuristic Evaluation I tried to gather important insight about various UI & UX issues in order to address if the drop out were due to some internal UI & UX confusing pain points.

Backlog | Setting Priorities 

After an alignement meeting with all the team we created a roadmap of the things we had to solve Product & Business wised.

Cancellation Limits

This is a new feature added due to the need for our customer to have a limit on the hours before the session to be cancelled. 

Recurring Sessions

The ease of use of the recurring sessions for both trainers,gyms & athletes

Sessions & Bundles Changes

We see the need to incorporate some new features regarding the changes that are made on a session or bundle when athletes have already enrolled.

Cancellation Limits example

Outcomes / In progress


At this point we can see a small increase of new customers & trainers. The new features with the overall consistency in the app are showing the road. 
As we are still in progress there are for sure many aspects that we need to reconsider and test them with our users.

On the 3rd phase of the project, as we have finished adding new features and getting first clients I've already proposed to the team to gather all the screens, documentate the various flows and UX patterns we've established and create a Design System based on the small UI kit of the previous designer.

When I joined the team I should have started by gathering and testing all the flows in order to understand better the confusing parts of the User Exeperience. 

When I realised what was going on, I started a new Figma file were started gathering all the flows from different entry points.

This was really helpful for me to understand better the app. and the customer journeys. On the second phase I downloaded also a beta-version were we started A/B testing various challenging flows.

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