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This project is a concept project.
I tried to work as in a real project so I decided to divide the process in 4 sprints.
(2h per sprint)

Coming Soon

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  • Extensive audiobook library, seamless user experience, audiobook recommendations, customizable narration speed, bookmarking, Whispersync (syncs with Kindle ebooks), offline listening.

  • Advantages: Owned by Amazon, large selection of audiobooks, easy-to-use interface, Whispersync integration for switching between reading and listening.

  • Disadvantages: Requires a subscription, limited to audiobooks only, not all ebooks are available with Whispersync.

Google Play Books
  • Audiobook integration with ebook library, user-friendly interface, customizable narration speed, sleep timer, seamless syncing across devices.

  • Advantages: Wide range of content (books and audiobooks), no separate subscription required, easy access for Android users, integration with the Google ecosystem.

  • Disadvantages: Smaller audiobook library compared to specialized audiobook platforms, lacks exclusive audiobook features.

  • Vast collection of free public domain audiobooks, community-driven content creation, volunteer narrators, available in multiple languages.

  • Advantages: Completely free, extensive collection, multilingual support, community-driven project.

  • Disadvantages: Variable audio quality, limited recent releases, lack of premium features, not as polished as commercial audiobook platforms.

  • Subscription-based service, offers audiobooks, ebooks, and other documents, personalized recommendations, unlimited access to the entire library.

  • Advantages: Diverse content, one subscription for all types of media, offline access, editorial curation.

  • Disadvantages: Some newer releases may not be available, limited to what's in the subscription catalog, can be pricier than dedicated audiobook platforms.

Market Research

Audiobooks have seen a significant surge in popularity in recent years due to their convenience and accessibility. The market for audiobooks has been growing steadily, attracting both avid readers and new audiences. People often use audiobooks during daily commutes, while exercising, or engaging in activities where reading physical books is impractical. Audiobooks appeal to those who enjoy immersive storytelling but have limited time for traditional reading.

Interesting UX Insights

  1. Narration Quality: Users often highlight the importance of excellent narration, expressing preferences for specific narrators known for their engaging performances.

  2. Bookmarking and Notes: Users appreciate apps that allow easy bookmarking of favorite passages and the ability to add notes for future reference.

  3. Offline Mode: Positive reviews frequently mention the convenience of offline listening, especially for travelers or those with limited internet access.

  4. Recommendation Algorithms: Users value personalized book recommendations based on their reading and listening history, helping them discover new content aligned with their interests.

  5. Intuitive Interface: Apps that offer an easy-to-navigate interface with straightforward controls for playback, reading mode, and library management tend to receive praise.

  6. Sleep Timer: Audiobook enthusiasts often appreciate the inclusion of a sleep timer, allowing them to listen as they fall asleep without leaving the app running all night.

  7. Cross-Platform Syncing: Users who switch between different devices appreciate apps that sync their progress seamlessly across platforms.

  8. Interactive Features: Some apps experiment with interactive elements, such as sound effects or background music, to enhance the storytelling experience.

Why we needed Read & Listen Mode

Books still maintain a strong presence in the market, catering to readers who prefer the tactile experience of flipping through pages and the aesthetic appeal of bookshelves. Books are cherished for their physicality, making them popular among collectors, scholars, and traditionalists.

Basic Screens of the app. 

iPhone 13 mini - 3.png
iPhone 13 mini - 5.png

Testing & Results

Biblioteca app was designed to offer a delightful and user-centric experience, encouraging users to engage with both reading and listening modes effortlessly.

I runned some live user testing in order to see how people were reacting with the change of Read & Listen mode. It seemed it worked really well in 75%.

7 out of 10 people thought that this feature was easy to understand and really helpful when they want to study or get informed about something when they are in the car and there is a lot of traffic.

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